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Monday, June 27, 2005

Macromedia Podcast #1

Podcast Link

I really enjoyed this, it was nice to work and listen at the same time. For it to be really useful it would be nice to have them weekly at least, cause most developers that would listen to it are probably already up to date on the topics.

The interview with Mark Anders was good and with all the new stuff on the horizon, I'm sure there will be alot more of these.

On another note,

they discuss the Deep linking or REST concept towards the end of the Podcast. Kevin Lynch, did post about this awhile ago, but the first time I really remember seeing it being used in Flash, was in Robert Penner's early work overcoming the Back Button:


In that back button example it doesn't show the deep linking idea on the browser, but the technique in the background was one of the things that led Flash developers to start considering application state and the browser.

I had a few interactions with Penner around that time, just as Flash MX (6) was being released. and i implemented many of those techniques into our now venerable Teknison site. We use anchors rather than query string for state:


that for example takes you directly to a specific section of our site. It is not only useful for deep linking, but bleeds over into bookmarking. That is more the reason we implemented it.

All and all though, thumbs up on the podcasts!