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Thursday, June 23, 2005

New FLV DRM????

I just did a little search trying to find any information on DRM in FLV And came across this little past discussion.

I have personally come across a few scenarios where DRM will be critical to roll out a project, and I am looking for any recsources I can to determine how to manage this in FLV. Obviously, I will not be able to determine the future until Flash 8 is released, and we can see if it has been addressed.

The point though is that it must be addressed. Flashcom is a great way to deliver video, but it is not the solution to every problem. FLV files must have this support in lieu of the flash player 7 ability to play an FLV file as a progressive download.

I have already come across one showstopper scenario, if I cannot facilitate DRM in FLV.


Blogger Randy Tinfow said...

Yes, it is a huge issue and huge opportunity for anyone who might deliver an industrial strength DRM package for FLVs.

The Windows Media DRM is fine, if all of the world used IE and Win XP. It's worthless for Mac Users.

11:26 AM

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