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Monday, June 20, 2005

Compile-time Shared Libraries

I have spent alot of time over the last while trying to determine the most efficient ways for developers and designers to collaborate on larger Flash projects, but I always find myself frustrated trying to enforce rules in how things should be built between teams.

Developers have a much easier time working together, our team uses VSS and we can easily share and collaborate on code and projects with no overlap or conflicts.

Whenever I try to bring designers into the process though things always seem to get complicated in the Flash IDE. There are many scenarios where breaking up content across SWF files makes sense, but there are many times that it does not make sense.

I spent time examining Shared Libraries recently, a concept that we hadn't really utilized, and I again realized why:

Runtime Shared Libraries: why must you define an absolute url on the shared assets? I never understood why this is needed. It freaks me out to think that I would have to forsee this url (when often I do not know it in advance). If I have missed something here please leave me a note in the comments.

Compiletime Shared Libraries: When a shared asset is linked, it is frustrating that any children of that symbol are just plopped into the destination file with no consideration of how those assets were organized in the source file. This really annoys me, because the reason I would use shared libraries in the first place is to ensure clean structuring of assets without excess tidying up.

So again I am looking for suggestions on how others out there working in a design/development enviornment may deal with this in an effective manner? Hopefully 8Ball may allieviate some of these issues. But in the meantime feel free to leave comments.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

btw, why isnt it possible to attachMovie to a movie loaded inside a parent movie with LoadMovie :p

like generic code here


(in button.swf resides button_mc <- symbol, export in first frame, etc)

parent_mc->button_mc->attachMovie :buh bye:

doesnt work, so fare well to your libs

10:58 PM

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