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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Try the SWFStudioV3 Add-in!

I have uploaded an .mxp of the current build of the SWFStudio Add-in we have been building. People can feel free to try it out if you have SWFStudio 3. The extension still has features that need to be added, but I would like to get feedback from people and how it feels so far.
Here are some details on the Extension as it stands:

SWFStudio Add-in for Flash MX 2004


SWFstudio Commands:

The SWFStudio Add-in installs 2 new commands into your Commands menu in the Flash IDE. These commands can be easily tied to keyboard shortcuts for ultimate integration.

[SWFStudio]-Export Settings

This command launches a SWFPanel that allows you to set all of the SWFStudio options. The options are tied to the .fla file that you are working on, so it automatically includes the .swf file generated from the current .fla as the SWFStudio main movie. Doing this, eliminates many of the options that you are required to set when using the SWFStudio interface, including the output, and movie panels.The SPF data that this command generates is stored in the .fla file itself. This means that you use SWFStudio without ever having to worry about SPF files at all, more than that, passing the project to another developer does not involve resetting paths as they are mostly all relative, and paths that are not are resolved at compile-time.


And of course the simple yet beautiful Build Command. It basically causes SWFStudio3 to build the project. SWFStudio will open, build, launch the resulting file, and enter debug mode! Attach a keyboard shortcut to that, and bling, blang!, Full integration!I tried forcing Flash to export the .swf file first then proceed to doing the SWFStudio compile, but a Studio build fails if the .swf file is busy. Unfortunately, there is no way to determine when a .swf is finished exporting in the JSAPI, so failures are common when I implemented it in that fashion. So instead I settled on not including the .swf compile in the command.

Other Notes:

1/ Support for Layout (Files) exists but is not complete in this build, so I switched it off for now.

2/ No Support for SWFStudio Masks yet.

3/ place an .ico file in the same directory as your application and it will automatically become the app icon when the project is built.


I am really looking for feedback on this extension, please contact me at tony@teknision.com if you have any issues or suggestions.



Anonymous aaron@aaron-lutze.com said...

What is the them on your browser window, as i noticed when looking at your screen shots of this plugin, that it is a nice blue gradient, which I have seen elsewhere. I would like to get it! What is its name or how did you do it?

11:09 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Unfortunately, there is no way to determine when a .swf is finished exporting in the JSAPI, so failures are common when I implemented it in that fashion. So instead I settled on not including the .swf compile in the command."

Couldn't you check the original swf creation date before publishing, and then continue to check file size with an interval every quarter of a second or so? if the file size doesn't change for a second and the modification data has changed, it's ready? Just a thought.

3:38 PM

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