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Monday, July 11, 2005

My Biggest JSAPI wish....

I have developed many extensions since the JSAPI was added to Flash MX 2004. The Frame Labels Panel, Extensions Builder Panel, a tonne of Commands, and a whole bunch of internal project flow extensions here at Teknision.

There is one thing that has constantly frustrated me though, and many of my coolest extension possibilitities have gone to the wayside because of it.

That wish is for access to Actionscript classpaths at both the document and Flash preferences level. There is so much possibility for lookup, creation, archiving and retrieval.

I really hope that at some point they would add this simple little feature, because it would make a huge difference.

I am just in the process of trying to gather all of the work our team and I have done over the last 2 years in terms of extensibility, and it I just noticed how many times we bumped into that issue.