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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

SNL Merger Model RIA now public!

Earlier this year we announced the launch of the SNL Merger Model 2.0. It was a Rich Internet Application simulating mergers in the financial sector, created for/with SNL Financial. The application was cited as an example of one of the best RIAs out there in the Flash Platform Whitepaper written by Kevin Lynch earlier this year.

I am now proud to anounce, that we now have a live public preview available for anyone to try out.

SNL Merger Model 2.0

This application is quite complex, so you might want to take some time to go through the quick tour as well as the help docs within the application. Many of us are not analytics experts, but you can still get a feel for what the application does after a quick read. The application in demo has reduced functionality, and has access to a fraction of their actual database.

We have really been pushing hard to get this public preview, as there are not many great examples of Rich Internet Applications for big business that are not locked in behind a firewall.

Hopefully this may assist some of those out there trying to convince others that Flash can be very effective in the enterprise.