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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

I pulled Xcalibur from the stone last night.

So I have had it on my list of things to get for awhile, and last night I treated myself to a brand new Video Ipod. When I bought my Ipod Photo last year I had hoped that it would eventually play video, but nope, instead I had to buy the new one.

I must say though, that they are a beautiful piece of machinery. The feel is so much nicer than my old one. I got the black instead of the white, cause it looks nicer amongst all my other gadgets.

Anyways, I dubbed it Xcalibur, and as we speak my whole Itunes library is on it's way onto the new device. Re-encoding all of my music videos is a pain, but hopefully worth the effort. I haven't got a chance yet to see what they look like on the TV.

Anyways, Xcalibur will take over as the harbringer of Punk and Metal madness as I proceed into this new year.