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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Finetune Wii : Take me to your playlist!

Today Finetune updated the service yet again with some great new goodies, as well as little bug fixes that some people have been coming across.

We managed to get some cool new stuff into the players for people to take advantage of. The coolest of the features revolves around the Finetune Wii Player.

People have been quite pleased with the Finetune Embedded Players, and everyday I come across more and more of them on MySpace Profiles, blogs, etc. However, quite a community has formed around the Finetune Wii Player, so we decided to do a bit of work to get them in on the embedding action! Observe:

The update to the embedded player will now look like this when viewed on the Wii:

It has been built to look great/legible on the Wii Opera Browser, and when you click on it, it will take you to the Finetune Wii Player, and throw you right into the playlist you embedded!

If you embedded a playlist from the Finetune service, the Wii Player will load your playlist up and start playing it right away, if you embedded your profile instead, The Finetune Wii Player will load your profile and take you to the screen that lets you select : Playlists, Artists, Tags.

The embedded player will look the normal way all of the time, but changes to this new UI when viewed on the Wii,


you can force it to always be the Wii interface as well. You just have to add an extra param to the embed code flash vars:


This feature should be awesome for people making Wii specific sites, that want to point their visitors to their Finetune content. Enjoy!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Wii-kly Review Podcast: Finetune

Mykel Ruvola from Finetune appeared this week on the Wii-kly Review Podcast. It is a podcast focused on the Wii game system, and Mykel drops in to talk about the Finetune Wii interface that we developed with them.

Wii-kly Review Show #2

Thursday, January 04, 2007

A Wild Wii ride for Finetune


My blog is turning into a Finetune blog these days. Anyways, what a day it has been for this service:

As I have mentioned many times already, the Wii player for Finetune launched officially yesterday. It has been extremely well received, to the point that it has generated an astronomical jump in usage of the service. Our good friends over there have been working hard to keep it preforming under the load.

We have had to temporarily deactivate Artist and Tag search radio, because the servers could not handle the load. As they tune it up and increase capacity, it will come back online.

The reason for this jump in capacity has just been word of mouth by the big web entities out there. We are tracking it all using our delicious account:

Finetune Wii Player Coverage at Delicious

My fave was the guy that made this video of using it! Totally awesome!:

Finetune for the Wii : Down temporarily


The guys at Finetune have had to temporarily take the Wii player offline to make some changes. It is generating much more traffic than expected, and adjustments have to be made to keep it going. This is a bummer right now, but an incredible sign illustrating how big of a demand there is for great experiences on the television.

Finetune Wii Player

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Finetune for the Wii : Official



The Wii player for the Finetune service is now official, and is available from the main site.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Booya! : Finetune for the Wii!

Finetune for the Wii Beta

This service is being staged at www.teknision.com/wii right now, but it will move over to Finetune in the next few days.

So the gang here at Teknision (including me), slaved over the holidays to make sure this was out for everyone to play with as soon as was humanly possible.

It is a listening interface for the Finetune service, that is optimized for use in the Wii browser. It does the following:

1/ Load/Play your Finetune Profile, including all of your playlists, artists and tags.
2/ Search/Play Artist and Tag Radio playlists
3/ Load/ Play featured playlists

Finetune is a great service as it is, but on your home theater it is outstanding!!!! Feel free to try it out, and if you have feedback, please drop comments!


WiiNintendo does a quick review

Finetune makes Time Magazine's Top Ten

Time Magazine's Top Ten Websites

Finetune makes # 5! Wow, I guess I disconnected myself a bit too much over the holidays, I didn't even know this went down until this morning!

We have been working with Finetune over the last year helping them improve their service, and it looks like it is happening!

Timing couldn't be better, as we have some really awesome goodies coming over the next few months!!!! (More about one of the goodies in the next post)