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Friday, September 29, 2006

Limo Day

So pretty late on positng this one,

Monday of last week, we took the whole Teknision crew out for a special day. We got a limo and took everyone to MTL for the day on the company. We were drinking Champagne and Rum+Cokes as we were cruisin. We also did a whole bunch of fun events like going to the biodome (Olympic Stadium) as well as shopping and the like.

Check this link for pics:


I posted this late as I have been busy. I was in LA most of last week for PermissionTV, and this week I have had a few big projects to tend to.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

What are we buildin today Bab!?

BobVila.com PermissionTV Channel

Today the video channel for Bob Vila went up on his site. The channel spans the whole site and is a little different than other channels we have put up. This player is designed to send playback events up through ExternalInterface to an Ajax setup that handles refreshing advertsing, and page content without interfering with the video experience.

The link above, is just to one of the instances of the player on the site, but it is used on all of Bob's shows. the interface was built by us on the PermisionTV player framework.

Finetune - Embedded Player Available to All!


Well, all finetune users may now embed their playlists anywhere. The feature has now been added to the finetune site!

As for Coverflow, well, we may make some slight adjustments over the next few days to avoid dealing with the comparison to Itunes, but other than that, the player is totally good to go.

Cover flow, arghh Apple!

Cover Flow

Ah man, of course a day after we publicly demo our Finetune Player interface, Apple releases a new Itunes featuring an almost identical navigational system.

Geeze, I know what Apple feels like now (Microsoft).

Obviously we didn't influence Apple or anything, but still what a weird co-incidence.

Monday, September 11, 2006

I can't work because of Digg!

So Finetune got dugg this morning.

That is cool, but the bummer is that it got Dugg before our new embeddable player was launched over the site. The are getting a bit of criticism on their site, but I am sure that once that new player goes up, people will see things a bit differently.

The issue is though, that I can barely work on it right now. They are getting hammered so hard, that the most of my requests are timing out =(

Still it is cool, but I wish it happened about 6 hours from now.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Finetune : Tag Radio

So another neat feature of the new finetune player is "Tag Radio".



The links above, like any other player this can be virally circulated using the right click menu.

Finetune intends to serve up dynamic tag query playlists and spread these around the net as well. If you make a finetune account, as usual (with any socially managed content), take advantage of the tagging system. It makes everyone's content better.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Finetune RIA : Evolution of the Mixtape!


Bling Blang! I have been itching to talk about this one. This is for the music lovers out there!

Take a look at the music player I have on the right>>>>

I have wanted to talk about this one for a little while now. This is probably my favourite project I have ever worked on to date. Not really a full RIA or anything, but probably one of the coolest widgets going on!

My friends, Legal Free Music is the topic. And as much as you can manage!

Here is a link to a blog that Gabor Vida here at Teknision prepared about the project:


So basically, we have worked with Finetune to create an embeddable audio player. these things can be embedded in any page anywhere as either an IFrame or just straight embed tags.

If you right click on the player you will get options that allow you to copy out the needed HTML.

Here is the player on my MySpace account

The current playlist is the one you see right away, but I have a few others, and you can check them out by clicking on the green member button in the top left.

So, most will say hey that's cool, nice interface and stuff, but Tone, your playlists suck!

Then I say, make your own BOI!


The player demoed here will be available early next week for anyone to embed in their own sites, MySpace accounts, etc everywhere! You will be able to get the embed code for your own playlists from the Finetune site, and stream all your favourite music for free.

I will be dropping a lot more about this project as it rolls out next week.! But hey, go and start making playlists now, no reason to wait!

Once you get into the site, you'll really enjoy it if you are a music fan. Everyone at our office uses the embedded player now, more than they use ITunes!

If anyone just can't wait to try it, If you let me know what your Finetune user name is, I can give you a temporary link for the player that will let you show your own playlists right now. Just drop a note in the comments with the details.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

PTV : Memory Makers Launched

MemoryMakers Magazine

Another PermissionTV channel launched. This one is a small channel, but very cool because it was done by a relatively new Flash designer/developer at PermissionTV, based on the PermisionTV player framework we created.

Good work Doug! Looks great!

Monday, September 04, 2006

MyNetworkTV Launched


Along with a variety of different parties including Fox, PermissionTV and Ultra 16 we have launched MyNetworkTV.com.

MyNetworkTV is a site dedicated to a series of new "Telenovellas" airing on Fox this fall. The site uses a PermissionTV Player to view all of the prequel content.

I am not sure yet, but full episodes may appear as the show airs.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Head out of the sand.!

Well I think the last time I posted was in May. It is not that I haven't had anything to talk about, it is just that things have been very,very busy at Teknision.

First off, we celebrated our 5 year aniversary on Friday. Most people say that when a business passes 5 years, then it is pretty much safe for the long run. We had a great time, we had champagne at 9:00 am!

While Stace (Bitchwhocodes) has left us, and moved to the states, I want to thank her for the great words on friday.

I am teaching again at Algonquin college. It is nice to be back in the classroom, working with people that want to do something cool.

There are a few other projects that will be surfacing this week that we have been working on. Looking forward to talking about them.