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Monday, October 24, 2005

the mx namespce

Just a weird top level thing I noticed about the next generation Flash platform:

Actionscript 3 reorganizes all of the intrinsic Flash Player classes into neat and tidy packages. It makes alot of sense to do this, now that Flash is really maturing as a platform.

Now we have Flex 2 upon us and I am a slight puzzled on why Macromedia kept the mx namespace for Flex packages. It is obvious that backwards compatibility and familiarity are the main reasons, but it seems weird that as they shed the MX from all of the product branding, that they would choose to still keep the name core to the platform as the top level flex package name.

Instead of using 'mx', 'flex' might have been a better choice considering they took the time to reorganize the entire Flash platform as we know it.

No big deal, just an observation.

10 questions for the B*tch

Stacey got interviewed at 10 questions:


pretty funny considering she is a girl.....


Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Bling Blang, Leafs Suck

So this is a bit of topic, but on topic if you live in Ottawa or Toronto,



Our beloved NHL is back in action, and tonight Ottawa and Toronto go face to face to open the season. For those of you in the know out there, you will know that for years Ottawa has had a hard time with Toronto. Constantly that team 400 kilometers from here has foiled us.

However, even Don Cherry is on our side this year!!! He states that Ottawa is his Stanley Cup pick this year, with Jason Spezza, and Brandon Bochenski also being picks for excellence in the season.

So, this one goes out to all the Toronto heads: Kevin, Shawn, Craig and the gang. We shall see whats up tonight!

The funny thing is, I am taken back to last hockey season and the Stanley Cup Playoffs. I was doing a presentation on Flash Extensibility at Flash in the Can and at that time Ottawa and Toronto had just begun their series.

I slipped a little slide into the end of my presentation that said "leafs Suck!". Needless to say that didn't go over well with the hometown crowd. We ended up having a wild after party up in our hotel room. Myself and an old comrade Chris Scrivens invited all these people up to it.

The funny thing was that this one guy was giving Chris a hard time earlier in the elevator about our Leafs comments. It almost got physical! "Booze played a role"

Anyways at the after party, all the Leafs fans showed up, and me and Chris announced that no Leaf fans were allowed in the party. Chris and this guy almost fought again!!

It was stupid, and the next day everyone made up and laughed about it, and in the end Toronto won. =(

But anyways, after a year we are back in business, so I must let the Toronto fans know that this year is ours. Ottawa is looking damn sharp:

"Leaf Suck".